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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita


Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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°Caleon Thermostat - Wi-Fi

Elegant chrono-thermostat with TFT capacitive touch panel. Wi-Fi N 2.4 Ghz connection for remote control by °Caleon app.

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Mixing kit for ModvFresh Basic

35÷60°C thermostatic mixing kit designed for ModvFresh Basic, with anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for small applications.

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Full bore 2-way zone ball valve, with bidirectional actuator with quick connection. Dimensions from 1/2" DN15 to 1"1/4 DN32.

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726 - Basic Series

Anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for medium and small applications. Compact size. Available Kvs: 1.5, 1.8 and 3.4.

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ModvFresh Basic

Compact heat exchange unit to deliver fresh domestic hot water (DHW).

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Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps. Three types of available pump units: direct, mixed motorized, mixed fixed point.

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DomvS Clima

Control unit for manifolds of heating and cooling radiant panels up to 200 m2. Fixed point thermostatic mixer or motorized rotary mixing valve. LCD room control unit.

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730 - MultiMix Series

High performance anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve. 20÷45°C, 45÷70°C and 35÷60°C. Connections: female.

High performance thermostatic mixing valve for applications in under floor and radiator heating systems, hot domestic water and solar thermal.
The asymmetrical manufacture of the body of the valve, where the mixed outlet is in line with the connection of the hot water, usually allows an easier installation. The very great flow of the model with Kvs 4,0 is assured by the great size of the lock: a manufacture choice that allows to work with a very short stroke with a great benefit to the adjustment accuracy when the supply pressure and temperature change. In particular the model with Kvs 2,5 is specifically suitable for employment in hot domestic water at the user point, as it can assure a constant adjustment within ±1°C. Moreover Kvs 2,5 model has very compact size.

The below table allows to determine the most suitable model for the different installations allowed by MultiMix thermostatic mixing valves:

Underfloor or radiator heating    Hot Domestic Water:
Hot Domestic
user point
Solar Thermal
Kvs 4,0 ; F3/F4 Kvs 4,0 ; F4/F5 / Kvs 4,0 ; F4
Kvs 2,5 ; F3/F4 / Kvs 2,5 ; F4/F5 Kvs 2,5 ; F4

Technical features:

Anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve with high performances. Hot forged brass body. Yellow brass finish. Control of the temperatured supplied to the user, adjustable and available in three setting ranges.
  • Maximum static pressure 10 bar (PN 10); dynamic 5 bar.
  • Max ratio between the pressures: 2:1.
  • Maximum inlet temperature: for F3 and F4 models continuous 100°C, (short time: 120°C for 20 s).; for F5 model: 95°C;
  • Setting temperature range: 20÷45°C; 45÷70°C and 35÷60°C;
  • Adjustment stability: ±2°C (Kvs 4,0) and ±1°C (Kvs 2,5) within maximum performances.
  • It can be used with anti freeze fluids (glycol≤50%).
External connection: 3/4” Female.

The security anti-scald function automatically stops the hot water flow in case of failure of the cold water way.


In compliance to the Italian Ministerial
Decree N°174/2004

PED 2014/68/EU 4.3
Available temperatures:
From 20°C up to 45°C (code F3)
From 45°C up to 70°C (code F4)
From 35°C up to 60°C (code F5)

Available Kvs:

4.0 - Maximum Kvs 4,0; up to 82 l/min (1,5 bar). Nominal Kv 3,6 (*)
2.5 - Maximum Kvs 2,5; up to 51 l/min (1,5 bar). Nominal Kv 2,4 (*)

(*) Tests carried out at our work lab, under the test conditions listed below, with a differential pressure of 1 bar (without connection devices):

: Th: 55°C, Tc: 24°C, Tmix: 32°C
F4: Th: 75°C, Tc: 40°C, Tmix: 55°C
F5: Th: 65°C, Tc: 10°C, Tmix: 51°C
Kvs 2,4 → 40,6 l/min ; Kvs 3,9 → 59,3 l/min
Working and performances of MultiMix range 

The thermostatic mixer is an adjustment device that is very sensitive to the variations of feeding temperature of the gates “Hot” and “Cold” and to the loss of pressure balance on the gates.
These variations, in some products, change the selected mixing temperature and also the performances of the device in a considerable way. Sometime risking the safety of the user. For instance a consequence is the ineffectiveness of the anti scald function. MultiMix thermostatic mixer, thanks to a careful planning and to the adopted technical choices, overcomes these problems assuring, in the different installations, safety, stability and very good performances.
The results of the tests, described in the following page, point out what previously said.

Starting time

Flow request to the user when the valve is cold. The diagram shows how quickly the thermostatic mixer reacts, bringing the temperature of mixed water to the selected value.
The required time is very short: only 4 s.
Flow variation

The user requires a flow increase, from 5 l/min up to 20 l/min and then up to 40 l/min. The diagram shows how this variation has a minimum repercussion on the temperature supplied to the user.
The thermostatic mixer keeps constant the supplied temperature.
Loss of pressure balance:
hot water inlet

The diagram shows how the thermostatic mixer reacts to a sudden 30% pressure reduction on the hot water inlet.
In about 2 s the thermostatic mixer stabilizes with a difference of -1K in comparison with the selected temperature.
Loss of pressure balance:
cold water inlet

IThe diagram shows how the thermostatic mixer reacts to a sudden 30% pressure reduction on the cold water inlet.
In about 2 s the thermostatic mixer stabilizes without any variation in comparison with the selected temperature.
Reduction of the temperature of hot water inlet

The diagram shows the consequence of temperature drop of 20 K of the hot water inlet (from 70°C to 50°C).
In about 4 s the thermostatic mixer stabilizes with a difference of -0,5 K in comparison with the selected temperature.
Anti-scald function

The test simulates a sudden flow shortage on the cold water inlet, by turning off the “C” feeding of the thermostatic mixer.
The flow to the user stops in a time between 1 and 2 s, so avoiding the scald danger.

Tests carried out at our work lab, with a F1 model at the following test conditions: 
TH:65°C   TC:20°C   Selected TMIX:40

Kvs 4.0 models, dimensional specifications:

Specifications Dimensions
Weight [g]
min. 118 - max. 124

Kvs 2.5 models, dimensional specifications:

Specifications Dimensions
Weight [g]
min. 110 - max. 116

Code 3/4” Kvs 2,5: 03730-F(3/4/5)-2.5
Code 3/4” Kvs 4,0: 03730-F(3/4/5)-4.0