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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita


Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps. Three types of available pump units: direct, mixed motorized, mixed fixed point.

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ModvFresh Basic

Compact heat exchange unit to deliver fresh domestic hot water (DHW).

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Mixing kit for ModvFresh Basic

35÷60°C thermostatic mixing kit designed for ModvFresh Basic, with anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for small applications.

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Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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°Caleon Thermostat - Wi-Fi

Elegant chrono-thermostat with TFT capacitive touch panel. Wi-Fi N 2.4 Ghz connection for remote control by °Caleon app.

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Full bore 2-way zone ball valve, with bidirectional actuator with quick connection. Dimensions from 1/2" DN15 to 1"1/4 DN32.

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DomvS Clima

Control unit for manifolds of heating and cooling radiant panels up to 200 m2. Fixed point thermostatic mixer or motorized rotary mixing valve. LCD room control unit.

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726 - Basic Series

Anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for medium and small applications. Compact size. Available Kvs: 1.5, 1.8 and 3.4.

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Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps
Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps. The extremely compact construction allows up to three circuits to be hydraulically connected in a total width of just 450 mm.
The primary circuit towards the gas boiler or heat pump includes, 2 shut-off valves 1” male and a distribution manifold with integrated hydraulic separator, or a simple distribution manifold, for powers up to 50 kW. The separator allows the primary circuit to be hydraulically disconnected from the secondary circuit and allows a greater volumetric circulation of the heat transfer fluid in use, with respect to what circulates in the gas boiler or heat pump. With gas boilers installations, the return temperature to the boiler is reduced, thus guaranteeing an increase in the efficiency of the installation. Air vent valve and deaeration chamber. IP55 junction box to facilitate electrical wiring. The distribution box, white RAL 9010 powder coated, can be installed on the wall, recessed or inside a hanging cupboard.

Technical features:
  • Max flow rate in primary circuit up to 2 m³/h;
  • Primary circuit connections: 1” male; center distance 270 mm;
  • Dimensions: (LxDxH) 450x160x550 mm;
  • Internal insulation box in EPP (where provided);
  • Max power: 50 kW – Max 6 bar;
  • Pressure drop separator: 0.2 mH2O at the flow rate of 2000 l/h;
  • Pressure drop distribution manifold (low loss header): 0.3 mH2O at the flow rate of 1500 l/h for each circuit

The modular system allows to choose between three types of pump units:
  • Direct
  • Mixed motorized
  • Mixed fixed point
The pump units, with 70 mm center distance and 3/4” female connection in use, can be connected to the distribution manifold at will, by number and position among those available, thus creating a configuration that is always appropriate to the context. Each zone is supplied with a Wilo Para 15-130/6 SC circulating pump (other heads available on request).
Each pump unit, in addition to the circulating pump, is equipped with a DN20 shut-off valve for both the supply and return, 0°C-120°C thermometer and non-return valve which can be excluded in case of system maintenance. Each valve has a probe holder if the boiler electronics requires it.

In photo, an example of configuration with pump units, unmixed, mixed motorized and mixed fixed point, with and without insulation box.


With integrated hydraulic separator:
Code without insulation box: 402554-04M-HW
Code with insulation box: 402554ISO-04M-HW

With simple distributor:
Code without insulation box: 402554-04M-HV
Code with insulation box: 402554ISO-04M-HV