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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita


Full bore 2-way zone ball valve, with bidirectional actuator with quick connection. Dimensions from 1/2" DN15 to 1"1/4 DN32.

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M2 FIX3 CS - DN20

2-Way pump unit with recycling thermic valve for solid fuel boilers. High efficiency circulating pumps. Start opening temperature 60°C, 45°C or 55°C.

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Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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Solo 2

Pump unit for stratified loading to supply the heat produced by a solar thermal installation. Equipped with pre-programmed controller and Class A circulating pumps.

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687 MIX

Very small size adjustment kit for distribution box, with motorizable 3-way rotating mixing valve. High efficiency circulating pump.

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MCCS 745

Anti-condensing recycling and distribution pump unit with thermostatic control of the return temperature to the solid fuel heating sources.

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Thermostatic control head with liquid gas sensor, compatible M30x1,5. EN 215 approved, TELL certification.

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Remote control of the heating system for AHC40 and CMP25-2 climatic controllers. Automatic pairing with climatic controller.

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DomvS Circ 1

Hot domestic water recycling kit for storage tanks with coils. 35÷60°C. Available version provided circulating pump with temperature sensor and timer. Available Kvs: 2,5 and 4,0.

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High performance thermostatic diverting valve. Adjustable temperature from 38°C up to 54°C. Kvs 2,5 towards the gate, 3,5 towards the gate 2.

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Ball valve with filter in hot forged brass. To fill the installation. The filter can be easily removed, to be cleaned and inspected. Nickel plated.

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3-way motorizable rotating mixing valve for heating, cooling and solar thermal installations. Working as mixer or diverter. Kvs from 2,5 up to 25.

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Solar Kit 3

Solar-boiler thermostatic connection kit with adjustable diverting temperature. Control of the user temperature adjustable from 35°C up to 60°C with antiscald protection.

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2-way pump unit with 3-way mixing valve and electronic circulating pump. Built-in Clima L 24VDC climatic controller for complex installations

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M2 MIX3 FIX - DN25

2-Way pump unit with 3-way mixing valve with electronic servomotor for the constant temperature. Heating and Cooling.

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DomvS Clima

Control unit for manifolds of heating and cooling radiant panels up to 200 m2. Fixed point thermostatic mixer or motorized rotary mixing valve. LCD room control unit.

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ModvFresh 1

Pump unit to deliver fresh HDW with thermostatic controller, flow rate up to 20 l/min or 40 l/min. Possibility to make a parallel connection of up to 5 units for power up to 500 kW.

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4-way motorizable rotating mixing valve for heating, cooling and solar thermal installations. Kvs from 2,5 up to 25.

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Compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)
"Logico" is an innovative hydraulic module that allows to manage a direct heating circuit and mixed heating circuit as well as the production of domestic hot water.  

The particular circulation of the hydraulic fluid inside the module ensures its return to the source of energy at very low temperatures: "Logico", combined with a condensing boiler, heat pump or solar thermal system, ensures in a simple way the immediate maximum energy efficiency of the complete system.

Logico is easy to install: it is fully assembled and the control unit is already pre-wired. A connecting box facilitates the electrical connections of the external components to the module. The functions of each circuit can be set-up from the room, using a stylish programmable room thermostat (optional) equipped with a capacitive touchscreen.
The heat generator is directly connected to "Logico" neither the distribution manifold nor the hydraulic separators or additional circulators is necessary.
"Logico" works with a single circulating pump.

Further benefits:
  • Specific isolating valve between primary and secondary allows an easy maintenance for all the components of the group without having to empty the circuit;
  • Overpressure balancing valve integrated in the direct circuit;
  • High efficiency circulating pump with variable ∆p to control the differential pressure or progressive control for the constant speed;
  • Logico is installed vertically with hydraulic fluid circulation from bottom to top or vice versa; in this case, the control unit can be rotated by 180°.
Centre distance: 90 mm to the circuits; 125 mm to the generator.
EPP insulation box (Dimensions: 400x516x180 mm).
A special back plate allows a quick fitting to the wall.

PN 6, max temperature 95°C.
External connections: 1” Female.
Maximum total power: 35 kW.

Direct circuit:
Maximum power of 35 kW (with ∆t 20 K) and a maximum flow of 1510 l/h.
Kvs value: 5,0

Mixed circuit:
Maximum power of 12 kW (with ∆t 8 K) and a maximum flow of 1300 l/h.
Kvs value: 4,0

DHW circuit:
Maximum power of 35 kW (with ∆t 15 K) and a maximum flow of 2010 l/h.
Kvs value: 10,0
Hydrulic scheme and components

the source of heat must be equipped with circulating pump. Otherwise, the "Logico" controller can manage an external circulator, with the support of an additional sensor.

Mixing valve with servomotor

3-way mixing valve with double admission, "Logico" type

Main advantages:

  • Efficient use of return energy from the direct circuit (first admission) or, when needed, directly from the power source (second admission);
  • Linear mixing over the entire adjustment range;
  • Internal by-pass;
  • Very small pressure loss: Kvs 7,0;

Proportional actuator with 90° working angle. Manual operation selector. A special connector allows the servomotor to be replaced in the case of failure or malfunction, without work on the electrical wiring.


Circolating pump Wilo Yonos Para RS 15/6 RKC

High efficiency circulating pump with variable ∆p to control the differential pressure or progressive control for the constant speed. In compliance with European Directive 2009/125/CE. Low energy consumption from 3 W to 45 W.

"Logico" Climatic Controller

Climate control with a large LCD screen to manage the selected hydraulic system.

  • Pictogram of the selected hydraulic system with proof of the state of the relay's activities: circulating pump, mixing valve in opening or closing, diverting valve for the DHW and energy demand at source. Two selectable hydraulic systems: with or without DHW management;
  • Display sensor temperatures: external, supply calculated and detected for each circuit, room temperature (when °Caleon optional room units are installed). Day or night operation;
  • Possibility of controlling a circulator, if not available in the heat generator (with an additional sensor, not included: Code TT/P4);
  • Adjustment of the temperature curve with a linear or broken slope and related day-night correctors for each circuit;
  • Protective function: anti-lock for the circulator, anti-freeze control, and minimum or maximum temperature of the supply;
  • Up to 3 slots can be set on a daily basis: active heating circuit in day mode or night reduction;
  • Optional room unit °Caleon (for one or two circuits)

Hydraulic scheme with DHW

Displaying the temperature of the sensors

The control unit is supplied pre-wired with the following sensors (Pt1000):
  • Power supply with Schuko plug;
  • Circulator control cable with Molex connector;
  • Servo motor control cables with automat connectors;
  • Supply and mixed circuit temperature sensor TR/S0,5;
  • Cable with external connecting box for: outside sensor TA/55, DHW water tank sensor TT/P4, boiler contact 0-10V or dry contact;
  • °Caleon room unit (optional), power supply 24 VDC (output).

Schematic layout of a system controlled by Logico pump unit with DHW

Code: 2031052ACS-Y6-LH
Code without DHW: 2031052-Y6-LH