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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita


Ball valve with filter in hot forged brass. To fill the installation. The filter can be easily removed, to be cleaned and inspected. Nickel plated.

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4-way motorizable rotating mixing valve for heating, cooling and solar thermal installations. Kvs from 2,5 up to 25.

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Stylish room controller for easy remote control of the heating system. For Weather-Compensated Heating Controllers 24 VDC MHCC and LHCC.

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Thermostatic control head with liquid gas sensor, compatible M30x1,5. EN 215 approved, TELL certification.

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M2 MIX3 FIX - DN25

2-Way pump unit with 3-way mixing valve with electronic servomotor for the constant temperature. Heating and Cooling.

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M2 FIX3 CS - DN20

2-Way pump unit with recycling thermic valve for solid fuel boilers. High efficiency circulating pumps. Start opening temperature 60°C, 45°C or 55°C.

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Solo 2

Pump unit for stratified loading to supply the heat produced by a solar thermal installation. Equipped with pre-programmed controller and Class A circulating pumps.

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687 MIX

Very small size adjustment kit for distribution box, with motorizable 3-way rotating mixing valve. High efficiency circulating pump.

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Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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System to connect on cascade several HDW pump units ModvFresh, to obtain flows up to 200 l/min and powers up to 500 kW. Anti-Legionnaire function to avoid bacterial pollution.

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High performance thermostatic diverting valve. Adjustable temperature from 38°C up to 54°C. Kvs 2,5 towards the gate, 3,5 towards the gate 2.

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Remote control of the heating system for AHC40 and CMP25-2 climatic controllers. Automatic pairing with climatic controller.

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MCCS 745

Anti-condensing recycling and distribution pump unit with thermostatic control of the return temperature to the solid fuel heating sources.

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ModvFresh 1

Pump unit to deliver fresh HDW with thermostatic controller, flow rate up to 20 l/min or 40 l/min. Possibility to make a parallel connection of up to 5 units for power up to 500 kW.

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3-way motorizable rotating mixing valve for heating, cooling and solar thermal installations. Working as mixer or diverter. Kvs from 2,5 up to 25.

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DomvS Circ 1

Hot domestic water recycling kit for storage tanks with coils. 35÷60°C. Available version provided circulating pump with temperature sensor and timer. Available Kvs: 2,5 and 4,0.

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2-way pump unit with 3-way mixing valve and electronic circulating pump. Built-in Clima L 24VDC climatic controller for complex installations

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S2 Solar 20 Drain-Back

2-Way solar pump unit for drain-back applications with built-in controller and high efficiency solar circulating pump. Up to 28 l/min.

The unit with 1” (180 mm) solar circulating pump, fully assembled and tested, consists of:


  • Flowmeter with flow regulation with filling and draining valves.
  • Synchronous solar high efficiency circulating pump Wilo Yonos Para ST PWM.
  • Flanged 3-way ball valve with side 3rd port capped (can be used for additional connections), supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded blue, range 0°-120°C).


  • Ball valve with compression fittings, supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded red, range 0°-120°C).
  • Pipe with end connection.
Pre-wired ModvSol M or ModvSol L solar controller including 3 silicone sensors. Controller power cable with Schuko plug. Power cable and PWM control cable for the circulating pump. As regards the technical features of the controller please see the dedicated section.  

Centre distance 125 mm. EPP insulation box (Measurements: 308x434x169).
A special back plate fixes the unit to the insulation box and it allows a quick fitting to the wall or to the solar cylinder.

PN 10. Constant temperature 120°C; (short time temperature: 160°C for 20 s).
External connections: 22 mm compression, 3/4” Male or 1” Male.

Available flowmeters:
06 = 1-6 l/min
12 = 2-12 l/min
28 = 8-28 l/min
Available circulating pumps:
Wilo Yonos Para ST 25/7.5 (YST8)
Wilo Yonos Para ST 15/13 (YST13)
Available controllers:
ModvSol M (M3S)
ModvSol L (L3S)
Circulating Pump

High Efficiency: Wilo Yonos Para ST with a permanent magnet motor. The pump uses synchronized electronic communication and it saves on power consumption by matching the output of the pump with the needs of the solar circuit.

Sole circulating pump. Thanks to the high head produced by the Yonos Para ST 15/13, just a single circulating pump is enough to carry out the functions of filling the circuit and flowing the fluid through the solar panels. The ModvSol L controller fills the system quickly by exploiting the pump’s high head and the circuit’s low flow rates. In cases where an initial high head is not required but the overall system requires the head also at higher flow rates then it is recommended to use the Yonos Para ST 25/7.5 pump instead. It is important that the size of pump is accurately assessed in combination with the overall solar thermal system.

It is important that the size of pump is accurately assessed in combination with the overall solar thermal system.

“Drain-Back” System

The peculiarity of a drain-back solar system is that it automatically drains the heat transfer fluid from the panels when the controller stops the circulating pump from operating because the working condition do not exist. In this situation, all the fluid in the circuit drains back into the drain-back tank as a result of gravity. As a result of this it is possible to use pure water, without anti-freeze, as the heat transfer fluid. Furthermore, because all the fluid drains out of the panels, this system avoids panel stagnation and overheating once the target temperature in the solar tank has been achieved. This operating feature makes it possible to combine equipment simplicity with the advantages of a forced system that is regulated by a controller.

  • No use of chemical substances in water;
  • No risk of freezing;
  • No risk of overheating;
  • Saving of some parts of the system;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Intrinsic safety in case of black out;
  • High efficiency pump;
  • Dedicated controller.


Once there is enough solar radiation and the storage tank is able to get additional heat, the controller first switches on the circulating pump. The first phase lasts a number of minutes, (this time can be set depending on features of the plant), where the controller uses the high head of the pump to fill the circuit by pushing water directly into the solar panels. The second phase, following a short transition period, sees the controller using the pump as it would a pump in any standard pressurized solar thermal system. However, thanks to the high efficiency of the pump, the electricity consumption is much lower than a standard system.
The system works in an unpressurized state and as a result the following components are not required – pressure relief valve, solar pressure gauge, expansion vessel, check valves and manual air vent. When the target temperature is reached, or in the case of there not being enough solar radiation, the controller stops fluid circulation and the circuit empties back to the drain-back tank.
Suggestions for a correct working

To enable correct draining of the system, suitably designed solar panels must be installed with a minimum slope of 2 cm/m towards the panel return pipe that is located in the bottom part of the solar collectors. In addition, all pipes must have a minimum slope of 5 cm/m towards the drain-back tank. The drain-back tank must have an air volume of at least 1,5 times the part of the air volume of loop overlooking the tank (including solar panels) and it must be positioned at a height that is lower than the height of the solar panels to ensure complete draining of the circuit.

ATTENTION: The drain-back tank must have an air volume of at least 1,5 times the part of the air volume of loop overlooking the tank (including solar panels).
The solar pump must be positioned at a height that is always lower than the drain-back tank so as to prevent pump starvation.

ModvSol M and Modvsol L controllers

The ModvSol differential temperature controllers have, as current specification, all the functions necessary to manage a high efficiency circulating pump in a drain-back installation:
  • Regulation of pump operation using synchronized PWM signal;
  • User setting of solar loop filling time;
  • User setting of complete cycle period;
  • User setting of target temperatures.
The ModvSol L controller has more additional functions than the version ModvSol M: for more information please go to the section “Differential solar controllers”.
Code 22 mm: 422-xx-YST(8/13)-(M3S/L3S)
Code 3/4” Male: 403-xx-YST(8/13)-(M3S/L3S)
Code 1” Male: 404-xx-YST(8/13)-(M3S/L3S)
Code composition: the suffix “xx” shows the flow, followed by the
circulating pump and the controller (f.i.  403-12-YST8-L3S).