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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita

°Caleon Thermostat - Wi-Fi

Elegant chrono-thermostat with TFT capacitive touch panel. Wi-Fi N 2.4 Ghz connection for remote control by °Caleon app.

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DomvS Clima

Control unit for manifolds of heating and cooling radiant panels up to 200 m2. Fixed point thermostatic mixer or motorized rotary mixing valve. LCD room control unit.

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726 - Basic Series

Anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for medium and small applications. Compact size. Available Kvs: 1.5, 1.8 and 3.4.

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Mixing kit for ModvFresh Basic

35÷60°C thermostatic mixing kit designed for ModvFresh Basic, with anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for small applications.

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Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps. Three types of available pump units: direct, mixed motorized, mixed fixed point.

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Full bore 2-way zone ball valve, with bidirectional actuator with quick connection. Dimensions from 1/2" DN15 to 1"1/4 DN32.

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ModvFresh Basic

Compact heat exchange unit to deliver fresh domestic hot water (DHW).

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Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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M2 FIX3 CS - DN25

2 Way pump unit with recycling thermic valve for medium power solid fuel boilers

The unit for 1” (180 mm) circulating pumps consists of:


  • Flanged ball valve with non return valve 20 mbar (which can be excluded by rotating the handle by 45°) supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded red; 0°C-120°C).
  • “T” connection for thermic valve.
  • Connection.


  • Connection.
  • Recycling thermic valve with the sensor dipped into the fluid.
    Start opening temperature: 60°C (F3), 45°C (F4) and 55°C (F5).
  • High efficiency synchronous pre-wired circulating pump (for the models that include it).
  • Flanged ball valve supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded blue, range 0°C-120°C).

Centre distance 125 mm. EPP insulation box (Measurements: 250x380x170 mm).

PN 10, max. temperature 100°C (unit without pump).
External connections: 1”

For power up to 32 kW (with
Δt 20°C) and maximum flow 1400 l/h.
Kvs Value: 3,0.
Approximate data calculated with a 6 m nominal lifting power circulating pump.
For an accurate measuring or for higher flows, please refer to the curves shown in the technical section.
Available circulating pumps:
Wilo Yonos Para RS 25/6 (Y6)
Grundfos UPM3 Auto L 25-70 (U7)
Wilo Yonos Para RS 25/7,5 (Y8)
Available recycling thermic valves:
Fixed temperature of opening start 60°C (F3)
Fixed temperature of opening start 45°C (F4)
Fixed temperature of opening start 55°C (F5)

We suggest you to install two isolating valves Art. 552 (see Correlated Articles) before the pump unit to allow an easy service or replacement of the components of the unit.
puffer /
heating installation
solid fuel boiler
The pump units for solid fuel boilers (wood, pellets, etc.) allow the connection of the heating system or of the inertial water tank to heat source.

By means of a 3-way recycling thermic valve (M2 FIX3 CS), or by means of a 3-way mixing valve managed by a servomotor with electronic control (M2 MIX3 CS), the return temperature is kept always at a level upper than the condensation one, preventing deposits both into the boiler and into the chimney flue, so improving the efficiency and the life.

Operation of the recycling thermic valve (f.i. model F5 - 55°C)

by-pass   (1) - When the boiler starts, the thermic valve is closed towards the user until when the fluid of the circuit of the generator is getting the opening temperature of the thermic valve (55°C). During this stage the fluid is recycling through the by-pass.
by-pass   (2) - When the temperature gets the opening level of the thermic valve (55°C), the way to the user is proportionally opening and the by-pass is proportionally closing.
by-pass   (3) - In that way the supply temperature is increasing in a progressive way up to the total opening of the thermic valve and up to the total closing of the by-pass.
This happens when the temperature is about 10 K more than the start opening value (in our example about 65°C). Now the installation is running and the temperature of the supply fluid can increase up to the set up temperature.

Code 1”: 20355R-F(3/4/5)CS   -   with circulating pump: 20355R-F(3/4/5)CS-(Y6/U7/Y8)

Standard version: right supply.
Left supply version available with extra price: see price list.