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Regolare e distribuire energia pulita

726 - Basic Series

Anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for medium and small applications. Compact size. Available Kvs: 1.5, 1.8 and 3.4.

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ModvFresh Basic

Compact heat exchange unit to deliver fresh domestic hot water (DHW).

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°Caleon Thermostat - Wi-Fi

Elegant chrono-thermostat with TFT capacitive touch panel. Wi-Fi N 2.4 Ghz connection for remote control by °Caleon app.

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Full bore 2-way zone ball valve, with bidirectional actuator with quick connection. Dimensions from 1/2" DN15 to 1"1/4 DN32.

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Modular multi-zone distribution box for wall-mounted gas boilers or heat pumps. Three types of available pump units: direct, mixed motorized, mixed fixed point.

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Mixing kit for ModvFresh Basic

35÷60°C thermostatic mixing kit designed for ModvFresh Basic, with anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve for small applications.

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DomvS Clima

Control unit for manifolds of heating and cooling radiant panels up to 200 m2. Fixed point thermostatic mixer or motorized rotary mixing valve. LCD room control unit.

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Multifunctional compact hydraulic module for the management of a direct circuit, a mixed circuit and the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

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Declaration of guarantee

Bonetti Rubinetterie Valduggia S.r.l.

Declaration of guarantee
BRV guarantees its ModvlvS pump units from manufacturing defects: 5 years for taps, 2 years for other components (or what is granted by the manufacturer of the components).
The guarantee provides the replacing of the defected item: the way of handling the returns, due to assessed or presumed faultiness, must be in accordance with the procedure written in the special section "Claims". Claims have to reach BRV within the maximum terms in compliance with the regulations in force. Charges, expenses, damages or indemnities are excluded.
The manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to defects found out in conditions of normal use and correct use of the product.
In case of any dispute rising from the use of BRV products, it will be regulated by the Italian Law in force and the sole Court of Vercelli will be competent.

The performances of the ModvlvS pump units are tested and guaranteed only if all the “accessory” devices are supplied by BRV (circulating pumps, servomotors, controllers etc.).This because BRV cannot know and test all these “accessories” produced by the worldwide manufacturers. Anyway it is a mission of BRV to test all the most known devices within a reasonable period of time and eventually to update the ModvlvS systems accordingly.

BRV reserves the right to amend the design and the specifications of the products, as well as to carry out improvements and technical developments, without prior notice. All illustrations, numerical data, etc., are not binding.